Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment   $44.25 + $5.75 = $50.00

45 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment   $61.95 + $8.05 = $70.00

60 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment   $75.22 + $9.78 = $85.00

90 Minute Massage Therapy Treatment   $106.19 + $13.81 = $120.00


Hot Stone

60 Minute Treatment $84.07 + $10.93 = $95.00

90 Minute Treatment $119.47 + $15.53 = $135.00


Cancellation Policy​

Just as your time is valuable, so is the time that we have set aside for your appointment. The fee for a missed appointment will be waived if 24 hours’ notice is given.


What can I expect before my first massage therapy treatment?

On the basis of the case history you have filled out, our client interview and assessment we will plan an effective treatment for you. Then home care exercises and hydrotherapy suggestions are given to you to help improve your condition. To book an appointment please click on our Online Appointment Book.


Do not hesitate to call me and to ask questions or to discuss what treatments I can provide to keep your body healthy and pain-free.

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